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Current Projects


Plant Music

Plant Music is a project in which I build instruments that use plants to make sound. This performance features an arduino that collects plant data to trigger sound effects and samples, as well as field recordings of birds, trees, and a stream taken across the Bay Area and Boston. Plant Music I was debuted at the Nstrument Lab's Tech Forward show in April 2023, and Plant Music II is currently in the works.

Song, Shadow

Song, Shadow is an upcoming short film by Remington Strecker and Cambell Thibo, featuring a score written and conducted by Arjan Singh.

Soundtrack Sneak-peek
Screen Shot 2023-08-09 at 8.12.10 PM.png

Water Birds

Water Birds is a series of pieces for solo instruments and electronics, inspired by birds that live in aquatic environments. These pieces frequently feature Arjan's own field recordings of birds, streams, rain, and more.

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