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Music for Media

Featured Work

Standalone Cues
One Last Shot
A Lack of Atmosphere
The Headache Remains
Blow Up the Sun!

Short film by
Remington Strecker

Composer & Conductor

Link to Full Soundtrack
Solar Cage

Videogame by
Scuffed Games Studio


Link to Steam page
Link to Full Soundtrack

Videogame by

Audio director, composer,
sound designer

Link to Steam page

All Credits


Song, Shadow [to be released]


       short film by Remington Strecker and Cambell Thibo an

L'Agonie [2022]


     short film by Remington Strecker

Afghan Dreamers [2022]


     documentary short by UNICEF


Kach [2022]

     audio director, composer, sound designer

     low-poly horror game by BYGames

Solar Cage [2021]


     challenging parkour-shooter game by Scuffed Games Studio

O [2021]


     futuristic 3d game by Scuffed Games Studio

Reunited [2020]


       puzzle game created at the 2020 Game Music Jam

Metatater [2019]

     project director, composer

       VR biofeedback therapy game created in collaboration with MIT and Harvard

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